2 years and we still keep in contact. i’m not worried at all when i leave out of state. maybe when i come back for break, we can hang and catch up like this year. maybe when i’m away, we can Skype and just talk like this year maybe the following summer, we can party together again just like last weekend. 

constantly breaking promises i’ve kept to myself for months…or maybe even years.

there are times where i just find everyone so damn annoying, like everything they do annoys the shit out of me but i tell myself to tolerate it cus there’s really no one else. lol

when i liked you, you texted or messaged me once every week / month and took more than 3/4 of a day to reply. but now that i’m finally starting to find my own happiness, you seem to constantly text me much more than before and want to skype with me. you even complained about me replying slow when i actually …forgot to reply. tbh i still like you, maybe just a bit. like i said before, i think you’re someone i’ll always have the slightest feelings for. i’m not sure if you feel the same way or not even though you’ve dropped hints here and there. all i can say is that we just always have bad timing. really..bad timing. 

do your research before you start judging. i wouldn’t be surprised if you guys were to be wishing that you followed my footsteps. i can’t wait for college. a whole new environment, people, basically everything. i finally have the chance to restart life, finally. 

we live in a world full of fucking hypocrites. they tell you not to do certain things or act a certain way when they actually do the same thing. lol you guys are just bitter about life. 

you’ve been in such a shitty mood lately it’s so annoying. i would be fine if you actually talked it out rather than killing my fucking mood for for the past fucking two weeks. give it a break lol accept it and move the fuck on. this was your choice ok.

it’s honestly such a pain going to places with people that can’t drive lol. it sucks carpooling too when that person has to leave earlier when everyone else still doesn’t have to leave it…but i admit, i’m guilty of that lol and everytime it happens i think to myself i knew i should’ve just drove myself.

i think this was the second time i had dreamt about you. it’s weird. in the dream, it’s like we were too close and comfortable to be “just friends.” but in reality at one point…we were near that stage at just bad timing. i still trust you but idk if we’re as close but we still talk..even when you’re off, we aren’t total strangers. i remember you and me so clearly. 

all you reblog is sex but too bad youre never gonna get any. lol. 

i feel like everyone is asking the same questions over and over for assassins. they’re already complaining so much about the rules when they havent even tried it yet. actually i give props to those that even took the time to read the rules. oh my god i cant deal with these fuckers. 4 more months. just 4.